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19 May, 2010

A clientele confident of voice

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A clientele confident of voice to bray is a verb some can probably decline finds nothing that alarms but delightedly discovers detail that enchants. With pork and pistachio terrine, a bold, juicy, forcefully seasoned slice sitting proudly unadorned on a white plate, come cornichons in a tall brown salt glaze jar built to hold safely the wooden serving tongs. Romesco sauce accompanying plump roasted quail draped in scorched spring onions is grainy with nibbed almonds, red peppery, punchy and oily but not so importunate that it demands to be part of a main course..

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“My working theory was always that he’d bought the team to move it to Washington, and I wrote that,” recalls Dave Kindred, then a columnist for the Washington Post. “He was the quintessential Washington guy, like Peter Angelos is the quintessential Baltimore guy. To Baltimore.

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