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10 May, 2013

And everything I’ve ever seen from the club’s American owners

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Ysl replica bags Players don’t have ALL the power which is why Liverpool’s Phillipe Coutinho won’t be on his bikeAfter the Naby Keita saga showed the Reds clubs can say no, expect Barca target to knuckle down and wait for next summer06:00, 13 AUG 2017Coutinho won’t be hitting the road until after this season now, says Robbie (Image: Liverpool FC/Getty) Get Liverpool FC updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailI honestly can’t see how Liverpool can sell Philippe Coutinho now. And that is good news for football.By issuing that statement and making it so emphatic, by sticking their necks out so far, they really can’t turn back.And everything I’ve ever seen from the club’s American owners tells me they have absolutely no intention of doing it.Their decision shows me clubs still hold some of the cards, even though all the noise surrounding the game these days screams that players are in complete control. The player wanted to go, but quite correctly RB Leipzig had the right to say no.The club had the power after all.Keita has already indicated he’ll get his head down and replica Yves Saint Laurent play because he has a contract, and he’ll wait for next summer.Coutinho probably has to do the same.I’m the first to say you can’t have an unhappy player at a club, but he really doesn’t look the sort to sulk all season.There’s also a World Cup on the horizon, and people are saying he’ll want to be in the Brazil side for that, so he can’t pull up stumps.I don’t even think that matters.In my career, I never needed a to play, I never looked to anything down the line.I left because I wasn’t playing Ysl replica bags.