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4 November, 2012

I bought this house the day I first saw it 25 years ago

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Milling around at pre lunch champagne reception, guests clutched each other’s elbows and hissed several variants of “Isn’t that Alan Watkins? I thought he’d died years ago. No, hang on it’s Bob Marshall Andrews.” The MC Gyles Brandreth made ghoulish references to you know what (“I had to speak to the Undertakers Guild of Great Britain the other day. I like them.

“I’d like to cry that I can’t live here. I bought this house the day I first saw it 25 years ago. I want them to pay for my new house and they can have this one. You know that how this works. Things are fine I don bother coming here. This is like the dark, comfy, little room I roll myself up into when I can stand how everything else is in the rest of the world..

Because they realize that it is an INVESTMENT. You can not stop the craving many of us have to explore what God put before us. We will get there regardless of the costs and we will be the first to reap its benefits!! You are better of mocking those who crave warfare! I just don understand why so many do not want a part of this legacy? Thank God someone had the courage to step out of the cave!!Are you serious? All modern computer technology spawned from the Apollo missions.

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