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25 May, 2013

They’ll never come here again

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Mission Dolores: At the corner of 16th and Dolores streets, overshadowed by an ornate basilica, sits a modest adobe chapel, one of the two original missions in San Francisco and the oldest standing building in the city. The inside of the chapel (note the ceiling patterned after Costonoan basket weaving Costonoans were the native inhabitants of the area) and the mission’s cemetery and gardens will give you a feel for old times. (Web site).

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Fake Purses He has also been honored by the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Awards for reporting on the disadvantaged and by the Overseas Press club for distinguished foreign reporting. He has received hundreds of national and international awards for his work.. “So many people, like I have friends that live on the Eastside, they’re not going to come downtown because they don’t want to be panhandled,” said 17 year downtown resident Barbi Darnauer. “If they want to go to the theater and they see a bunch of young people standing in line that look like gangbangers, then forget it. They’ll never come here again. Fake Purses

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